EASY LEGAL MEXICO is the fusion of two legal firms and the leadership of respected local Attorneys at Law Alfonso Barrera Romero and Francisco Gutierrez Cetina. Both have more than 10 years’ experience in Real Estate, Immigration and Corporate Law area in Mexico, particularly in the Yucatán.

In those years, Alfonso and Francisco have gotten to know many foreign clients — mainly from the U.S. and Canada — who struggle to stay in compliance with government regulations.  Some need help setting up a business while others are purchasing property or have encountered difficulty with their residency status — as they pursue their goal of a happy, rewarding life in Mexico.

In one of the world’s most bureaucratic countries, Mexico’s maze of a legal system is bewildering to most anyone, and being a foreigner, especially if you don’t speak fluent Spanish, only compounds the confusion. And most legal firms here move without urgency and tend to be impersonal. This explains the general sense of distrust in courts, bureaucracies and law firms.

Easy Legal Mexico is different. Over many years, we have gathered a professional network to offer to our clients professional, expeditious and affordable legal services — which we are willing to guarantee. We cover all areas of the law, breaking down the system to its most simple and accessible elements, making sure our clients always feel secure in their lives and confident in their investments.

Our commitment to our clients can be summarized with four points:

  • Client Care 
  • Personal Attention 
  • Experience 
  • Results

Our promise to you is to be there for our clients as they pursue your goals, whether personal or professional, in our beautiful homeland of Mexico.