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Mexican Real Estate Law
Let`s face it, no matter in what country you live, building a house or a part of it, presents a set of challenges. Some of these challenges are similar all over the world, but some are very specific to the country and particularly the city where you choose to build. When building in Mexico, you...
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The following article about knowing your rights when buying a property in Mexico was published by PROFECO, the Mexican Government’s Consumer Protection Agency, and has been translated into English. You can read the original article in Spanish here: https://www.gob.mx/profeco/es/articulos/conoce-tus-derechos-al-comprar-un-inmueble?idiom=es For specific questions about Mexican Real Estate Law or for help in the legal issues around...
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When buying property in Mexico, it’s important to know a number of things.  Firstly, foreigners can’t acquire just any piece of land in any location. Real estate agents are not regulated by any authority and it doesn’t require any particular training, degree or license to be a real estate agent. This opens the door to...
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