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New Mexican Government Immigration Fees for 2020

The Mexican Government immigration fees for 2020 are official as of 1 January, 2020. There are some increases over 2019. Fortunately, they are relatively small increases. This is very important to be aware of if you’re seeking a Mexican temporary or permanent resident visa.

Please note also that the income and asset requirements have also increased starting in 2020 for both temporary and permanent resident visas for Mexico.  With the increases in Mexico’s minimum wage, of course the amount resulting from the asset requirements being a multiple of Mexico’s minimum wage go up as well.

The full information is detailed here in this graphic of new Mexican Government immigration fees for 2020. We’ve translated the original Spanish for you and added an English version to the graphic in order to help you, whether you’re an Easy Legal Mexico client or not.

New Mexican government fees for immigration 2020
New Mexican government fees for immigration 2020


If the image is too small to read, you can zoom in on a smart phone or tablet, or right-click and save the image for viewing on a larger scale.   You can also find the same information in Spanish on the official Mexican Government Immigration page at

We have more information on our Mexican Immigration Law page.

The Mexican government immigration fees for 2020 are those paid directly to the Mexican government – if you choose to hire us as your immigration attorneys, this will be part of the fees we charge you. The advantage is that we save you a lot of time, trouble, and reduce the number of times you need to go back because of not having the exact right documents filled out in the exactly correct way. We can handle that for you.

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