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Progreso Apoyo Program now a registered nonprofit

We’re happy and proud to help a great cause. The Progreso Apoyo Program connects sponsors with students to provide financial support to further their education. Children who might not otherwise be able to afford school uniforms and other required materials can finish school and get the education they need to help them have the brighter future they deserve. They are now officially a registered nonprofit organization, or an Asociacion Civil under Mexican law. 

You can read the article in Yucatan Expat Life titled Volunteers make Progreso Apoyo Program an official nonprofit children’s charity, and you can visit the Program’s website at

The program is now full for the coming school year. That said, any donations are appreciated. This will enable them to help the community in Progreso and Chixculub even more.

There are also similar programs in Chelem at and in Chuburna at

If you need legal assistance getting a nonprofit or a for-profit corporation set up, contact us on our Mexican Corporate Law page here. We’re happy to help you make sure that your corporation or nonprofit is set up properly and in full compliance with Mexican law.  

Here is more information about this nonprofit: 

The Progreso Apoyo Program is a registered Mexican charity known as a “civil association.” 
We provide monthly reports on our income and expenses to the Mexican government and provide regular program updates on our activities to our sponsors and supporters.

The members of our Board of Directors are:

  • Speranza Avram, President and full-time resident of Progreso
  • Dale Hunter-Aubichon, Vice-President and long-time resident of Progreso
  • Mary Elizabeth Walberg, Treasurer and full-time resident of Progreso
  • Rebecca Gleason, Secretary and full-time resident of Chicxulub

If you would like more information about the Progreso Apoyo Program, contact us at or through our Facebook page.

The Progreso Apoyo Program owes many thanks to Kitty Morgan, who started connecting sponsors with students more than 15 years ago. Through her tireless efforts, Kitty has helped more than 200 students from Progreso and Chicxulub graduate from high school — many of these students have gone on to college or trade school. We thank Kitty for her leadership of the “original” Progreso Apoyo Program and for all of her support in helping us establish the “new” Progreso Apoyo Program!

They also are always looking for volunteers to teach English to (or have English conversation with) young students in the Progreso-Chixculub area.  They organize fundraisers such as an annual home tour, a wine tasting and more to help the youth in Progreso get a better education.