The one thing that have been booming in the past 15 years in the Yucatán Peninsula (which includes Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo), is the real estate market. Properties have increase its value in record time making it a really good investment for buyers around the world, and, for people looking for a place to retire, vacation or simply have a “home away from home”, the culture, activities, landscapes and beautiful weather remains intact. No matter what you´re looking for, the Yucatan peninsula have it all, beautiful beaches, peaceful cities, colonial towns, modern cities…, is really up to you to decide where do you want live.

Now, as lovely and exciting as the idea of living in the Peninsula sounds, it presents its own challenges, particularly at the moment of choosing the right piece of property in the right place at the right price. The phrase “location, location, location” continues to being the mantra at the moment of buying property BUT the reality is that only a professional of the real estate that LIVES in the peninsula and know his/her way around it can give you the expert advice that you require.

In EASY LEGAL MEXICO, we work hand to hand with your real estate agent, to take care of the legal aspect and check all the documents, trying to make the purchase process as smooth as possible.


In all closings there is a due diligence process dedicated to check the legal background of the property and the owner, to make sure everything is in order and that you are not buying a problem in a country different than yours. EASY LEGAL MEXICO can help you be 100 % sure that what you are buying is what you have being offer:

1.- That the owner is the one selling you the property.

2.- That the property has a deed that validated instead of an agrarian title.

3.-That the property you saw physically matches the one that appear on the deed, in location and measures.

4.- That the property is tax updated.

5.- That the property is free of any lean.

6.-  That the property is viable to be built on according to the Environmental Regulations.


Title search involves an extensive search of the public records to determine that there are no adverse claims to our client’s interests. If we find there are adverse claims or other defects in title, we will seek to eliminate them prior to closing.

At the end of the process we will issue a document stating that every single one of those things are in order and that the property is in perfect shape… Or not, in which case we will advise against the operation, stating the problems that the property or the ownership presents, at the end of the day EASY LEGAL is on your side and will attempt to give you as much information as possible to help you make an educated decision.


An improperly executed agreement is the biggest cause of civil litigation and/or loss of investment in Mexico. The best advice we give our clients it to make sure their agreement takes into consideration the legal aspects of the business at hand.

-Negotiation and Preparation of Sales Contracts

-Negotiation and Preparation of Purchase Contracts

-Negotiation and Preparation of Leasing Documents


We will guide the client through their due diligence and contractual responsibilities concerning the purchase and/or sale of real property. We will also prepare and/or review all the closing documents and other matters necessary to secure a successful closing.


Trusts in Mexico are principally used by foreigners to acquire rights to property in Mexico’s restricted zone (50 kilometers from beach and 100 kilometers from borders) for residential use and lending agreements.

Required Information to Set Up a Fideicomiso (restricted zone trust)


Another way to acquire property in México is through a corporation. This structure work better if you are planning to start a business in México but it can also be use to just acquire the property. The reason is that the corporation is a moral person (a Mexican person) and therefore is allow to acquire property in all the parts of the country. What you, as the buyer, will own, is share of stock in the corporation.

Required Information to set up a Mexican Corporation


We offer full and bilingual Notary Public Services with our in house Notary.  We also have established specific alliances with all the major Notaries in the States of  Campeche and Quintana Roo in order to provide full legal services that require any services of a Notary Public.

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